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Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs FL


Bonita Springs Motorcycle Repairs
Motorcycle Repairs in and near Bonita Springs Florida


Hey, you! Yeah, you…the one with the motorcycle. We’re guessing you’re here looking for some help with your motorcycle or scooter, right? Maybe you’ve got that cup of coffee in your hands and you’re ready to start the stressful process of finding a new shop. Or maybe you are sipping your iced tea and just starting out, going to get your motorcycle endorsement next weekend, so you want to start looking for someone to help you with your first bike.

So here you are, expecting another lengthy sales pitch. All the other shops want to tell you all about themselves. What they like, what they ride, what they know, them, them, them.  They will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. The question is did they listen to anything YOU had to say?

We believe it’s all about you. We can tell you all about Holiday Motorsports but we think you’d be better served to come in and see what we are all about. We have over 36 years of experience in the powersports industry (riding, racing, wrenching, building) but we know that seeing is believing. Words are cheap. Come take a look for yourself. No pressure, just friendly people with tons of knowledge and experience waiting to help you.

We want to know more about you and your motorcycle (or the one you want to own) and find out what we can do to make your riding experience amazing! You can bring your motorcycle to us when no one else can figure out what’s wrong with it and we will find the problem and figure out a solution. You can come to us for all the gear needed to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. We can help you find the right accessories to make your bike a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We can help you during the purchase process, whether you buy from us or not, and help you avoid making a disastrous purchase that you will regret for years. You can come to purchase a gift for the rider in your life or you can come talk shop or track and hang out with a cup of coffee around like-minded motorcycle and scooter lovers. Whatever you do, call us or stop in and you will see for yourself what it’s like to be a part of something awesome on two wheels.

Motorcycle Repairs

Joe Gothen – Owner
Joe is originally from Connecticut. He was the first full time employee that we brought on board. He was finishing up school at MMI in Orlando and came back to the area to work with us on Saturdays while waiting to graduate. Once he graduated, top in his class, he started working with us full time. He specializes in Harley Davidson but since joining our team he has had the opportunity to work on just about everything

Joe was the first full time employee brought on board right after graduating top in his class from MMI in Orlando, FL. He worked part time while he was in school.

After working with a 35+ year Master Technician for the past few years, he has earned the right to be an owner. He specialized his studies in the Harley-Davidson program while in school; however, his service years in the field have been filled with experience on all makes, models and years. He is a family man with a new wife and child. They are proud to call Bonita Springs, home!

More to come…


Motorcycle Repairs

Joshua Halstead – Service Department
Joshua started as a service technician who specialized in Harley Davidson and now he is our parts specialist. never at a loss for hilarious anecdotes as time permits. He is originally from Montgomery, MI and has been in Florida for 4 years. He was in the Marine Corps and was a diesel mechanic prior to becoming a motorcycle service technician.

Nicknames: They are all derogatory and canít be mentioned here.
Other places Iíve lived: North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan
My first bike was a: 2004 Harley Davidson Softail Standard
Bikes I currently own: 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide
My dream bike: A lowered Street Glide with ape handers and a tall sissy bar
I could ride with ANYONE (past or present) I would ride with: Joe, Bill and Rory. All together
My key to success: Determination, Willingness to learn and team work
How I differ from others in my field: I constantly strive for more knowledge and canít settle for less
My advice to new riders: Get Apes!! (Why did we know you would say that, Josh?) Get comfortable with riding alone and get used to how your bike handles before taking on a passenger.


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Motorcycle Repairs

Motorcycle Repairs FL
Motorcycle Repairs Florida


Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs
Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs FL
Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs Florida
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