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LED Lighting for Motorcycles Bonita Springs FL

LED Lighting for Motorcycles

Bonita Springs LED Lighting for Motorcycles
LED Lighting for Motorcycles in and near Bonita Springs Florida

LED Lighting for Motorcycles in Bonita Springs

Everyone wants to be seen, right? Sometimes it’s for safety, other times it’s for looks but either way LED lighting is the way to make yourself known. Holiday Motorsports installs LED lighting on all makes and models and we can customize your motorcycle to light up any way you want it to.

Do you want a flashing taillight so that you alert the guy behind you before he runs you over? We do that. Do you want super bright new LED turn signals to make sure they see you as you turn? We do that. We can do something as simple as a small LED lit license plate frame to something as noticeable as a new LED headlight and turn signals. 

But wait…here’s how we do it different than the other shops. We won’t butcher your wiring system to do it. We know what has to be attached where and how much you can add and change before you cause damage to your electrical system. We do lots of repair work to motorcycles that have been wired wrong and it’s an expensive fix so you really need to do it right the first time. No reason to have something melting as you ride down the road because you let an amateur add lights to your motorcycle.

Stop in and take a look at your LED lighting options. Make your motorcycle unique and noticeable by adding super bright LED lights to your sport bike, cruiser or trike today.

** We no longer do decorative LED light systems designed to light up the entire bike due to long installation times and poorly made LED light systems that don’t come with adequate warranties.

LED Lighting for Motorcycles Bonita Springs FL
Motorcycle Repairs
Bonita Springs LED Lighting for Motorcycles
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Motorcycle Repairs

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Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs FL
Motorcycle Repairs Bonita Springs Florida
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